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How to get to Santiago

The region is situated in the north west of Spain and has for many years been isolated. Currently,there are excellent roads,railways and low cost flights.


About Galicia


Green paradise in Western Europe

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Isolated  from the world and connected by the Atlantic Ocean, Galicia  is famous for its outstanding nature  and scenery as well, the agriculture,cattle and the traditional sea food and fish.


Galicia is a dream. The breathtaking beauty of the beaches, the wonderful countryside, the pleasant temperature together with reasonable prices and excellent food, make it one of the most attractive regions in Spain. Unlike the  south, Galicia
has spectacular mountains, beatiful rivers,exuberant valleys,unspoilt beaches and above all it is quiet.

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The main tourist attractions are the Rias Altas and Bajas, the coastline in Finisterre and the romanic cities such as Santiago de Compostela.

Europe has made the pilgrimage to Compostela.

 Galicia is great creation for the world and viceversa.  What Galicia has nobody can explain without the influence from others countries.Both the city and the pilgrim route of Santiago have been listed as European cultural capital by the UNESCO. Granite is the material which covers Santiago. It is a centre of nearly 100,000 residents, many of them part of the university, through which over 3 million visitors pass each year.santiago de compostela